HotdogTheGhost Effigy

McLaren’s mighty P1 looks like becoming the first hypercar to deliver on the elusive "F1-for-the-road" promise manufacturers have been making for their fastest cars for more than a quarter century.

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Power / Torque
673kw / 900Nm
0-100 kph
Top speed
Engine layout
Twin-turbo V8, electric motor
Engine capacity


Voter Comment
Doki Doki Bugger, I'd have one of these if I'd stuck around
Doki Doki I've got one :)
Doobie ok I love the color!
Siddy Iddy Color is awesome!
Doobie ok Color is very awesome!
Lien Doan
Duy Manh
Banana Split hello
pine apple nice orange color
Edwardo Lebrimson Lebring Jome
Freddy Kruger LOVE THE CAR
Ichigo Uhiara Dude
Tracy Lambert Im chilli
Joe Mama g
Ice ice baby this car is kinda ugly
AraAra Boo
gggg aaaa
me me
Dan Is Awesome Always xxs
pew pew Nice car
Test One